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6.17 - Dead end

Jul 27 2011 Published by under Chapter Six

“You wait for the lift,” he said to Jeska. “I’ll distract it.”

"What? How?" Jeska asked.

“Like this,” he said, and stepped from Jeska’s side.

Cupping his hands around his mouth, he shouted, “Hey! You’re … you're ugly!"

The creature stopped, apparently confused.

"Daniel,” Jeska said, “I appreciate the effort but…"

“Just get ready to use the lift,” Daniel said, not taking his eyes off the creature. “Remember the pistols.”

Still shouting poorly-thought-out insults like “You are also stupid" Daniel began to run.

It's interest piqued  the creature stopped moving toward Jeska and followed Daniel.

Daniel ran quickly, tripped, and ran some more.

Then he made the mistake of looking behind him. The creature’s talon kept stabbing downward, missing him by a human-hairs length again and again.

Daniel made a zig-zag pattern through the stacks, knocking over as many piles as he could to try and slow the creature down.

The creature simply leaped over most of them, but it was losing ground.

Daniel was 100 feet from his ship when he ran into a dead end.

Daniel found himself inside a curved alcove of t-shirts stacks.

He pressed against them, but the clothing was tightly packed and piled so high that his efforts had little effect other than to make an impression of himself in the fabric.

Furious at his own stupidity, Daniel kicked a four-foot high pile of coasters next to the blue fabric wall.

They scattered at his feet.

Daniel heard the click of talons on granite, and turned just in time to the see the creature rushing toward him.

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