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6.18 - Retaliation

Jul 28 2011 Published by under Chapter Six

The creature stabbed both tentacles downward.

Daniel had just enough time to step back a few inches, pressing further into the fabric wall.

He felt a violent rush of wind as the tentacles narrowly missed his face and smashed into the ground with a thud.

Lifting its arms upward, the creature suddenly shuddered.

It began to violently shake its tentacles.

Daniel saw he had a brief reprieve: the creature was trying to remove two coasters that had stuck to its arms when it tried to crush Daniel's skull a second earlier.

Apparently the creature's last experience with coasters had not been pleasant, and it was desperate to remove them.

It whipped its tentacles back and forth. But the dry paper circles stuck like adhesive to the the creature’s slimy skin.

And that’s when Daniel came up with the completely unoriginal second step of his now-maybe-not-so-suicidal plan.

He had seen coasters trip up the creature before. Maybe they would a second time.

Daniel quickly a grabbed a fistful of the discs at his feet, and hurled them at the creature.

The coasters flew through the air and splattered against the creature’s torso, landing in a buckshot-like pattern.

The creature straightened, aiming its lone eye off away from its tentacles and onto Daniel, and shrieked.

It reached for him, but Daniel simply stepped aside and dropped more coasters on the extended tentacle.

Daniel didn’t care about accuracy, he cared about quantity. He  showered his enemy with the discs.

In his hurry, some coasters fell out of his hands and dropped to the floor. One fell into the pocket of his robe.

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