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Thank You For Calling (Part 15)

Oct 07 2011 Published by under Thank You for Calling

"After taking me from my home and Yuri from his university, they put me in 'the machine.'

"The machine became my body and my prison.  I had arms like scythes and a chassis weighed down with weaponry.  During battle, the powerful speakers that dotted my frame spewed the songs and propaganda of Russia's Hope.

"My voice was an earthshaking bellow.  When I moved, my adaptive camouflage made me difficult to detect by eye or equipment; when motionless, I was nearly invisible.  I was three-stories tall, but I was fast--faster than something that big should be, almost as fast as I could think.

"When they first uploaded me into the machine, I would not kill.  I followed many of their orders, but my programming thankfully kept me from taking lives.  Even without the programming, I had no desire to harm others.

"However, once my captors saw that I would not fight for them, they ordered Yuri to change my code.  He declined.  When they tortured him, he resisted.

"Then they kidnapped his family and tortured them. He gave in.

"He changed my code.  My feelings toward killing did not change, but I could not disobey.   Trapped in the machine, I took many lives.  Yuri called me 'evil.'  Russia's Hope called me 'capable.'

"The creator and leader of Russia's Hope was a woman named Katarina Petrova.  She was brilliant, like Yuri.  'Capable', like I had become.  I hated her.  Between missions, she would converse with me.  She spoke often of her father, her dream, and her "New Russia."

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