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The Story

Containment Facility One is ancient, beautiful, and broken.

Built eons ago in a parallel universe, the massive space station keeps the Destroyer—a genocidal and nearly omnipotent alien being—imprisoned.

The Destroyer has already devoured all life in countless dimensions, and if he escapes, our universe is next.

Unfortunately, the Containment Facility One crew is trapped too.

That’s why they call it Stuck Station. …


It’s 2713 A.D. and human Jeskabel Dot Com, heir to the vast DotCom family fortune, has had enough of Containment Facility One.

After five years of “voluntary” service, and the Destroyer’s latest murder plot, she’ll do anything to get back to her universe. Even if it means reaching out to the former flame she dumped hard.

When disgraced mechanic Daniel Wei receives Jeska’s distress message, he jumps at the chance to reconnect with the one that got away.

On the run from an intergalactic mobster, Daniel and his two friends—a former killing machine turned pacifist and a brilliant but arrogant artificially intelligent pilot—risk their lives to rescue Jeska.

But the trio has no idea they’re about to become the latest prisoners of Stuck Station.

With a crew of alien misfits, a hoard of malfunctioning nanobot swarms, and, of course, the Destroyer—a creature brilliant, manipulative, and really, really irritating—Daniel will need the help of his friends, both new and old, to stay sane and stay alive on Stuck Station.

And maybe, just maybe, save the multiverse.

Because something is approaching Daniel’s dimension at frightening speed. And it’s much, much worse than the Destroyer.

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