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Thank You For Calling (Part 4)

Sep 22 2011 Published by under Thank You for Calling

9:33 p.m., March 6, 2015

"Thank you for calling Servaline 1.9, your automated directory assistant.  How are you today?"

"I am sorry to hear that.  How can I help you?"

"Your response, 'Shut up, shut up.  I'm too wasted to--Listen, everything's falling apart.  Sarah left today.  The school board fired me.  I started that school and they, they fire me?  And Sarah just leaves?  And Frank said, Frank said he needed some of the money tonight, but the jeweler is closed, and I--Just find me a place to sell this ring,' is too long.  Please rephrase your response, dial seven-one-three for language options, or say, 'Go back.'"

"Going back."

"Looking up:  'A pawnshop that's still open.'"

"There are a number of pawnshops in the Baltimore area:  Pawnorama, Pawn for Less, Pawnshop International--"

"You have selected Pawnshop International.  The number is (***) *******.  I will connect you."


"Do not give up, Jeremy.  Goodbye."

(User transferred to Pawnshop International.)

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