1.00 – Welcome to Stuck Station, 2713 A.D. | Stuck Station

1.00 - Welcome to Stuck Station, 2713 A.D.

Jan 03 2011 Published by under Chapter One

For my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
My friend, my king, and my God, may this make you smile.


“C’mon, guys,” the Destroyer said in his deep, craggy voice. “Let me out.”

“No,” Jeska said. “And, again, I’m female. Not a guy.”

“Fine,” the Destroyer said. “Go fish.”

This is the story of the battle for everything.

“I said, ‘Go fish,’" the Destroyer said.

The story of the Nightmare and the Destroyer.

“We’re playing poker. Po-ker,” Jeska said, shifting her cards in irritation.

The story of a mechanic, a warrior, and a pilot.

“This game is boring,” the Destroyer said.

The story of an heiress, a comedian, an artist, and a general.

“Boring,” the Destroyer said.

The story of a gangster, an entrepreneur, a politician, and a psychopath.

“Boooooriiiiing,” the Destroyer said.

“We heard you the first time!” Jeska said.

“I know,” the Destroyer said, not hiding his glee.

This is the story of Containment Facility One … better known as Stuck Station.

Stuck On: Translation

For the reader’s convenience, the author has translated the Stuck Station story into 21st century English.

For the reader’s inconvenience, the author has translated all other text on this Web site into 24th Century Alpha Centaurian and then into 21st century English.

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