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1.26 – Hugs and phobias

Feb 08 2011 Published by under Chapter One

“That’s the quickest I’ve ever worn anyone down,” the Destroyer said. “It’s only been sixty months.”

Jeska refused to respond.

“Of course, you could always leave,” the Destroyer said. "Leave. Leave. Leave."

“Jeska, you cannot leave,” Prnei said. “None of us—

“I know, Prnei,” Jeska said, bitterly.

“—are ever able to leave the confines of this station for longer than .0004 seconds—” Prnei continued.

“I know, Prnei,” she said. She shouldn’t be angry with him. He was trying to comfort her.

“I have lived here for thirty-seven years—”Prnei said.

She tried to push her irritation aside. And failed.

“I know, Prnei!” she screamed. “I hate this place! I hate you! I hate the boredom and the threats and the Destroyer and the food and poker and Pac-Man and Anderson and Riox and clouds and you and me and everything, everything, EVERYTHING!…”

She stopped as her sobs overwhelmed her.

“Don’t forget me,” the Destroyer said.

“I said you!” Jeska said, through the tears.

“I know,” the Destroyer said. “Just pushing you further over the edge.”

Then Prnei did something dangerous—dangerous for any member of Prnei species, that is—he left the ceiling. Landing next to Jeska, Prnei wrapped eight of his ten arms around her. He had heard humans held one another to express sympathy.

Prnei’s embrace awakened in Jeska a deep-seated fear  many 28th century humans have about being captured by a tentacled monster. Strangely, the embrace also made her feel safe. It was creepy and comforting at the same time.

Like the men in my life, Jeska thought.

The weak attempt at humor didn’t make her feel any better. Prnei’s hug did, a little.

“Do not give up, Jeska, There is always hope when—” Prnei said.

"Sorry to interrupt," the Destroyer said. "But no, there isn't."

Stuck On: Fear

Species                                         Biggest Fear

Grebyan                                      Public Speaking

Slell                                              Kona Beasts

Prnei                                            Music

Rosov                                           Loss of a Loved One

Xelsian                                         Inferiority

Star Seeker                                 Starvation

Wandering One                          Poverty

21st century Humans                Death, Politics

28th century Humans               Death by Tentacled Alien Horror, Space Politics.

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