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1.25 – Jeska’s run

Feb 07 2011 Published by under Chapter One

Jeska ran passed hundreds of empty, silent rooms. The only sounds were her footsteps.

“Where you running, Jeska?” the Destroyer asked.

She had no idea.

“There’s nowhere else to go,” the Destroyer said.

“Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!” she yelled.

“Not a chance," the Destroyer said.

“Say anything else and I’m jumping out an airlock!" Jeska screamed. She wasn’t sure how serious she was about that threat, but it was becoming more appealing by the second.

“That’s too bad,” the Destroyer said. “Make sure you leave it open.”

Jeska had run twenty miles, but she wasn’t tired. She wasn’t even breathing heavily. Her internal medical cloud kept her running at full speed, breaking down the lactic acid her muscles created and turning it into more energy. She could run for days.

Lost in a fog of angry thoughts, Jeska was startled when Prnei suddenly lowered his head in front of her.

Prnei, who ran at full speed to catch up with Jeska, had intended to stop and have a face-to-upside-down-face chat with her.

But Jeska hadn’t been looking where she was running and collided with him at top speed. She tumbled to the ground, Prnei tumbled to the ceiling.

“Are you injured?” Prnei asked after he righted himself.

Then Jeska broke. She fell to the ground, wrapped her arms around her knees, and cried tears of rage.

Prnei looked her over from the ceiling. His eyes didn’t blink as he tried to think of something to say.

The Destroyer always had something to say.

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