9.15 - Annoyed | Stuck Station

9.15 - Annoyed

Apr 16 2012 Published by under Chapter Nine

“My records show that I have answered all of your questions,” the Tour Guide said.

“Yeah, that’s not true.”

“Ask me something.”

“OK,” Daniel said. “What is Stuck Station?”

“Ask me something else.”


“See what?”

Daniel let out a long sigh.

The Tour Guide asked, “Do you still wish to know the population of Containment Facility One?”

“Yes. Any info is better than nothing.”

“Then I repeat my earlier question: do you want me to express the population of Stuck Station in numbers?”

“Of course,” Daniel said. “… why, what were my other options?”

“I could simply give you an emotional impression of the population figure. It’s not as exact, but some species prefer it. Unfortunately that requires telepathy and your physiology does not seem …

“No mind-reading,” Daniel said quickly. “I’m allergic.”

He really was.

“I can also do puppet shows,” the Tour Guide said.

“I’ll take the answer in number form,” Daniel said, though he had to admit the puppet show sounded oddly interesting.

“Do you want my calculations to include only the crew or both the crew and visitors?”

“Both crew and visitors.”

“Do you want my calculations to take into account any potential future expansion of this facility?

“Tell me how many people could fit in the station at its current size,” Daniel said, starting to get a little annoyed.

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