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9.07 - Horror virtuals

Mar 21 2012 Published by under Chapter Nine

The diamondglass sections of the chambers were barely translucent, almost opaque.

Daniel couldn’t tell if it they were frosted with condensation or if the glass had been designed that way.

“Would you like to inspect the stasis chambers?” said the cheery voice of the Tour Guide.

A three-foot-long segment of the railing to Daniel’s left melted away, and a spiral staircase formed and rose up to join the now-unguarded section of the floor.

Blue and white steps led down to the foggy depths below.

“Not a chance,” Daniel said, instinctively taking a step back. “I have few rules in life, but one of them is don’t go anywhere near unknown cryos without a life scanner."

“I have a number of life scanning technologies," the Tour Guide said. "Please be assured that the stasis chambers are completely empty."

Daniel said, “Another rule of mine is “Don’t trust a malfunctioning Aye that says it has a life scanner.”

“That seems like an unusually specific rule.”

“I just made it up," Daniel said. "Besides, I have Trak check all unknown cryos.”

“Your friend?”

“Yeah. I’ve seen enough horror virtuals to know the first person to inspect an unknown stasis gets jumped. Whatever’s inside there,” Daniel said, gesturing toward the closest chamber, “is ready to eat my face or sell me something.”

Daniel shuddered. Night of the Cryonic Salesforce had given him waking nightmares for weeks.

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