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7.28 - Stunning

Dec 01 2011 Published by under Chapter Seven

“Good to see you, Rach,” he said.

In more ways than one, he thought, as he looked at his now-stunning friend.

Flowing crimson hair framed her perfect face, an oval of dark, flawless skin. Crystal clear eyes and sparkling teeth, she was a knockout.

Which made her “conversion” even funnier.

“I suppose it’s good to see you too,” she said. “You are uninjured?”

Because of Jeska’s bizarre behavior – Daniel’s powerful denial-reflex refused to call it a betrayal – he saw Rachel-7's beauty without longing. To his broken heart, she was lovely in a distant sort of way, like a fire seen through a hazy viewscreen.

That didn't stop him from staring.


Gorgeous or not, she was still Rachel-7, and that meant he had to keep her pride in check. He and Trak found the best way to do that was not answering her questions.

“Captain?” she said, sarcastically.

There was something about her eyes, though.

“I’m going to start calling you names, and when you feel like I’ve described you perfectly, please answer.”

Daniel wondered why her eyes seemed so familiar. And then he realized they were the same eyes she had used as her personal avatar. He'd only seen them anytime she deigned to meet "in person" with him and Trak.

“Moron? Fool? Idiot?”  she said.

Trak, Daniel remembered.

“Is Trak with you?” he said.

“You respond to ‘idiot,'” she said. "Good to know. He’s not with me, but he’s fine, if this incompetent Aye is to be believed.”

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    i'm going to start calling you names nad when you find one that suits you answer (i might use that line when i am in a particular mood)

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