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7.15 - Hiding

Nov 15 2011 Published by under Chapter Seven

“Tour Guide,” Daniel said quietly, afraid he’d alert the swarms and force them to dismantle their art, “let’s just move on. Take me to the next site.”

“You must see the Main Medical Center’s second-floor facilities. It's part of the tour.”

“Then take me there now!” he whispered.

“The second-floor facilities are 300 feet in front of you.”

“You mean the nest?” he said, pointing at the swaying structure.

“I’m sorry,” the Tour Guide said. “I don’t understand the question.”

“The big tower?”

“I’m sorry. I don’t understand the question. The second-floor facilities are 300 feet in front of you.”

“Ah,” Daniel said, finally understanding -- The Tour Guide couldn’t see the tower.

Daniel figured the clouds were shielding their actions from the Aye's sensors and the sensors of any other Ayes that could snitch on them.

The fact that Daniel could see the tower meant the clouds hadn't cloaked their art to organic life. Daniel didn't know why.

Maybe they just forgot? Daniel thought.

“Can’t you just flit me to wherever I need to go,” Daniel asked. “If they know I’m looking, they’ll stop.”

“They who? And, as I said, the next site is only 300 feet away,” the Tour guide said.


“Exercise is good for you. And looking at your body, you could do with some exercise.”

Daniel noted the Tour Guide was changing up its formulaic answers, becoming a little more talkative.

Also, Daniel thought, becoming a little crazier: No human had needed exercise since the invention of the personal medicloud.

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