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7.08 - On with the tour

Nov 01 2011 Published by under Chapter Seven

“Excellent,” Tour Guide said. “Don't worry. The tour will answer all your questions.”

“It will not,” Prnei said. “But at the end, my friends and I will. And you will have many questions.”

“We must hurry,” Tour Guide said. “They won't let you pick your room until you take the tour. And you want to get a good one before they're all filled up.”

“Plus the jettisoning,” Daniel said.

"Welcome back to the Containment Facility One Tour!” Tour Guide said, as if it hadn't heard Daniel. “As you are in the visitor's bay, make sure you take one of our complimentary coasters.”

Daniel didn't move.

“Make sure to take one of our complimentary coasters,” Tour Guide said again.

“I'm not taking one,” Daniel said. “Let's just do the tour.”

“Make sure to take —”

Prnei reach down, grabbed a coaster, and slid it into Daniel's hand.

“If you do not take one, it will loop endlessly,” Prnei said.

Daniel rolled his eyes and pocketed the coaster.

"Now that you have received one of your free gifts on with the tour,” said the cheery voice. “Say your name for our records."

"No,” Daniel said, just to see how what would happen.

“Welcome to our facility, 'No.' We are pleased to have you aboard.”

The voice paused a second, and then continued. “Sorry. Old joke. Please tell me your real name.”

“My name is Daniel Wei,” Daniel said with a sigh of exasperation. "Let's get this over with."

"That's the spirit!" Tour Guide said.

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