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6.35 - You again

Oct 18 2011 Published by under Chapter Six

The never-ending expanse of white fell toward him.

Daniel held his breath.

And the ceiling stopped ten feet above his head.

As he let out a sigh of relief, Daniel noted that the shift in the room's internal architecture hadn't knocked over any towers or columns.

Daniel looked at the top of nearby t-shirt pile and saw why.

The ceiling had molded around the upper part of the tower perfectly — also about 10 feet above him — leaving only an inch of space around the fabric.

Only clouds could make such fine alterations. So, Daniel realized, the Visitor's Bay was just like the changeable docking bays back home.

"If you'd like to continue you're tour of Containment Facility One, please say, "Yes,'" said the irritatingly cheerful voice of the Tour Guide.

Daniel thought of telling it to be quiet  ... but then he saw his reflection in the pearlescent ceiling.  The sight of his bedraggled, solitary form caused cracks to form in his hastily constructed "Everything's going to be fine" rationalization.

A lonely duster surrounded by junk, Daniel thought. The way it's always been ...

Though, he had to admit, the giant monster sneaking up behind him was new.

Oh gods, Daniel thought and spun around.

The creature stood a foot away, pulsing like some surgically-removed internal organ that hadn't had the decency to die. A few coasters still stuck to its flesh.

Daniel hated the creature. Partly because of its stench, partly because it had tried to kill him, but mostly because the thing's very existence reminded Daniel that "No, everything was not going to be fine."

In a flash, the creature jumped to the ceiling, where it stuck with a loud thok! sound.

Its tentacles dangled toward Daniel.

“I hope Jeska didn’t forget her commemorative t-shirt,” the creature said. “Those are valuable collector's items.”

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