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6.11 - Hanging

Jul 13 2011 Published by under Chapter Six

“I wonder how you eat,” Daniel sleepily said to the creature.

Almost as if it understood, the creature lifted up its lower half, revealing a trio of sharp black mandibles dripping green ooze.

“I didn’t really want to know,” he said, as it slowly drew him  closer to its mouth. “I was just making conversation.”

Daniel was three feet off the ground. Losing air, he struggled weakly. His efforts had no effect. The creature's arms were slimy but strong.

Daniel noted absently that the creature was taking its time.

Maybe it likes terrorizing its prey, he thought as the tentacle inched him closer to its the maw.

Then there was a soggy thunk.

Daniel looked down and saw Jeska kicking the creature with her now obviously repaired leg.

Aiming for the same fleshy area Daniel had injured  earlier, she nailed it with her second kick.

The creature shrieked in pain and let its captive go. Daniel landed in a puddle of slime.

More green ooze jetted up from the creatures underbelly. The creature wobbled, but this time it didn’t fall.

Daniel figured it was through playing dead.

The creature lashed out at Jeska with one of its tentacles, but Jeska nimbly dodged.

“Where are the guns?!” Daniel said, trying to get out of reach of the creature’s arms.

“I couldn’t get them,” she said, and ducked under another attack. “Your ship is biolocked.”

“How did I forget that?” Daniel said.

Then he remembered his missing augmem.

“Ugh, my mind’s rubbish,” he said, cursing himself for being so dependent on that device.

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