5.16 - Hopes | Stuck Station

5.16 - Hopes

Jun 08 2011 Published by under Chapter Five

“Emergency Code 50840,” Jeska said, repeating the phrase Prnei had taught her. "Interrupt Orientation Tour Guide in Cafeteria 407.”

A chirping sound from the facility admin let her know it had followed through.

Now she just had to reach Daniel’s personal link.

Jeska went through her augmem contact list, searching through the names of friends and family she hadn’t seen in years.

She stopped when she found Daniel S. Wei.

It was still there. She had wanted to remove it when she left him, but something stopped her.

Maybe because you —Jeska silenced that thought before it could get any further.

She ordered her augmem to connect her with Daniel.

The Destroyer said, “I'm excited. This is the closest thing we get to entertainment around here. Not only that … I really like the idea of you dying. That would make my da—”

The Destroyer’s voice began to grow indistinct and muffled as the Station’s Visitor Safety Protocol System — already in place in Cafeteria 407 — went into effect in the visitor’s bay.  

Jeska’s eyescreens suddenly showed a face she hadn’t seen in years. It was smudged with nanogrit, like always, but it was friendly and likeable.

Her heart jumped. She quickly pushed those feelings away.

“Daniel? Daniel is that you?” she said, hobbling to her position behind his ship.

As she limped, she was thankful that, before she shut it down, she had ordered her medicloud to turn off her pain receptors.

Sorry, Daniel, Jeska thought. Wish I didn’t have to do this.

She continued lying through her teeth, hoping Prnei remembered the code phrase, hoping the plan wasn't fatal, and hoping, most of all, that someday Daniel would forgive her.

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