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5.10 - Safe tours

May 31 2011 Published by under Chapter Five

Daniel didn't want to to walk 40,000 miles, so he sat back down and finished off three cheeseburgers.

He took his time.

Either the teleporter works, or I have an hour to live. Either way, I’m getting something to eat.

While he wolfed down the meal, Daniel tried to ask the Aye more questions about the teleporters and his friends and his ship.

Each time the voice repeated the “Hold your questions to the end of the tour” spiel.

When, after an hour, Daniel found his body still very much intact, he decided the voice had been telling the truth: this place had working teleporters.

That'll take some time to get used to.

With nothing else to do, Daniel decided to take the tour.

“There's nothing dangerous on this little trip, is there?” Daniel asked, just to make sure.

“Not for a being with your high level of training!” the Tour Guide said with programmed ease. “The tour consists of a flit to a number of facility amenities. After that, there will be a short presentation, a glimpse of Entity 107, a meetup with the rest of the crew, and finally an initiation ceremony!”

“What initiation ceremony?”

The voice didn’t respond.

“Any chance you can tell me what Entity 107 is?”

Surprisingly, the voice did respond to that.

“Entity 107 is —” but then the voice just stopped.

Daniel waited a few second and then broke the silence: “Hello? Tour Guide?”

“Welcome to Containment Facility—”

Daniel cut off the peppy welcome message.

“Yes, yes,” said Daniel, a little annoyed. “Tell me what Entity 107 is.”

“Entity 107 is ... Welcome to Containment Facility One—”

“Great,” Daniel said.

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