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5.08 - Teleporter?

May 30 2011 Published by under Chapter Five

“I have flitted, right?” Daniel asked, when he had A) calmed down and B) noticed he wasn’t disintegrating.

“Yes, I flitted you from Greeting Room 407 to Cafeteria 407,” the Tour Guide said. “Flitted is the word for teleportation technology in your dialect, correct?”

“I’ve flitted?” Daniel asked again, stunned.

“Judging from the surprised expression on your face and the profanity-laden tirade you aimed at me a few moments ago, I think you must be under the impression that teleporter technology is fatal,” the Tour Guide said. “Speaking of profanity, you mentioned the word "trumble." Does that still mean the posterior of a horse?”

“All flit tech is fatal,” Daniel said, ignoring the Aye's question.

“That may be true for less stable version of the technology. However, all Containment Facility One teleporters are perfectly safe.”

“I don’t believe it,” Daniel said.

“Our crew must be protected at all times,” Tour Guide said. “The tech has been tested. Would you like to continue the tour?”

“If I say yes,” said Daniel, still coming to the grips with the possibility of a nonlethal teleporter, “from now on, I want to take a lift or a gyro or whatever other means of transportation you have around here."

"Don’t flit me. Ever," he added.

“I understand your reluctance,” Tour Guide said. “However, while the station’s teleportation system is fully operation, other modes of transit are still under construction. So, when you have finished your meal, you may begin walking.”

“Fine,” Daniel said. “How far away is the first stop on our ‘tour?’”

“40,000 miles,” The Tour Guide said.

“Crap,” Daniel said.

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