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5.02 - Introduction

May 19 2011 Published by under Chapter Five

At least, it sounded like a voice.

It was muffled and indistinct, but the noise had the cadence of language.

And even though every word was incomprehensible, somehow the speaker, as Daniel now thought of it, exuded an air of malice.

This made Daniel nervous.

The voice paused for a moment. Then it uttered a short series of sounds.

“What?” Daniel asked.

The voice repeated the phrase.

“I don’t understand,” he said. Why isn’t my translator working? Daniel wondered.

The voice repeated the phrase five more times.

Before it could repeat the phrase a sixth time, a chime rang softly, and the voice vanished.

A new voice, this one cheery and — thankfully — understandable, began to to speak.

"Welcome to the Containment Facility One!” said the cheery voice, coming from all around him. “We of the —”

What followed sounded like three buckets of water dropped on the floor, one after the other.

“—thank you for volunteering on a project that we know will benefit all life.”

Without coming off fake or forced, the voice radiated joy — the joy that only comes when one is really and truly happy.

This made Daniel more nervous.

“We’re sure you want to get settled in,” the cheery voice continued. “But first let’s turn on the lights.”

The room grew brighter slowly, giving Daniel eyes a chance to adjust.

The first thing he saw was a banner of beautiful white fabric hanging four feet in front of him.

Dotted with vivid spatters of blue, red, and purple, the banner read, “Congratulations!” in three of the four human dialects Daniel understood.

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  • John says:

    Almost time for the 100th post. Don't have anything special planned.

    I'll probably thank my producer, my director, and all the actors.

  • trak42 says:

    what about the few fans who comment regularly wont u thank them????
    100 posts is really cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and where is Jeska and her crew now?
    was the voice the Destroyer as I assumed? Or is something even weirder lurking in Containment Facility One?
    And for the fourth time how did they even get there?

  • CalLadyQED says:

    Sorry, Daniel. It looks like your stuck. :P

  • Rebecca says:

    Fate worse then death!
    Stuck at stuck station!

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