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1.01 – The Crew

Jan 04 2011 Published by under Chapter One

Chapter One

Year: 2713 A.D.
Time: Six-ish

The entire population of Universe 27048B was playing poker.

This is not as strange as it sounds, considering Universe 27048B had only five inhabitants—assuming you don’t count the innumerable swarms of artificially intelligent machines that maintained Stuck Station, and, really, who has time to do that?

Of the five inhabitants of Universe 27048B, four came from your universe (Universe 7C), and the fifth, the Destroyer, didn’t originate from any place you’ve ever heard of.

Of the five inhabitants, only one was human.

Jeska-Bel DotCom, the human, sat at a circular table in one of the 300,000 rec rooms on Stuck Station. She didn’t know the room’s name and didn’t care.

They were all the same anyway.

On the ceiling to Jeska's left, Prnei Star Nebula Galaxy — it doesn't translate well into English — reclined peacefully, absentmindedly flicking one of his ten tentacles in the air with a loud snap! every few minutes.

Directly beneath Prnei, the rock-skinned Anderson A. Anderson stood stone still, examining the cards he held in his energy prosthetics.

Across the table from Anderson, Riox the General lay face down, asleep in his cards, the lower half of his can-shaped body hovering a foot above the table.

The final player, the Destroyer, played poker by proxy.

He wasn’t in the rec room. He wouldn’t have fit.

And given that the rec room could have held all of Neo York and e-Boston, that’s saying something.

Stuck On: Words in boldface

As this story takes place in the 28th century, some terms will be unfamiliar to the 21st century reader. Thus, the author will place important words and phrases in boldface type on first reference.

The author will also continue to talk about himself in third person, and, if time travel permits, fourth person.

Maybe even person5.

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