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9.24 - One-Minute Brain Surgery

May 22 2012 Published by under Chapter Nine

Despite a nagging sensation that she was missing something important, Rachel-7 remained oblivious to her medicloud's neurosurgical efforts.

Breaking down the surrounding gas molecules into their component atoms and rebuilding them into neuronal matter, the medicloud worked swiftly, repurposing the very atmosphere around Rachel-7.

The brain’s architecture could be rebuilt, but some of the information inside was gone, like the text of burned book.

The medicloud despaired for .0000000000000001 of a second, and then queried the station's administrative mind.

The station’s administrative mind responded and told the cloud that the facility had backed up Rachel-7’s memories before transferring her from the ship to her new body.

Relieved, the medicloud finished reconstructing the Wernicke area, uploaded the missing language data and fixed her fractured skull -- all in less than 57 seconds.

A small portion of Rachel’s brain was now composed of repurposed atoms that had once been carbon dioxide.

If it had been anyone else undergoing surgery, Rachel would have made a joke about “airheads."

As it was, she didn’t even know it had happened.

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