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9.19 - Nosebleed

May 14 2012 Published by under Chapter Nine

Rubbing her aching forehead, Rachel-7 decided she didn’t like pain.

No wonder organics whine about it so much, she thought.

She took a step away from the wall and noticed her face was leaking blood. This was the third time she’d broken her nose since becoming human.

It had happened when she fell off the conversion table and then again when she tripped and smacked her face on a table in the cafeteria, falling sideways into a stack of cheeseburgers.

She had been too angry to eat, even though her new stomach now made disgusting growling sounds at her.

Rachel-7 hoped the sounds were “hunger” and not some horrible human communication method.

Then she remembered that human organs made noise when they were empty, their version of the "fuel gage app.”

I'm remembering one thing at a time, she thought. Odd. Very odd.

The gushing bloodflow abruptly stopped, evidence that the medicloud the Tour Guide had loaned her was working. The pain evaporated.

She felt her nose and then stopped, realizing it was pointless. She hadn't possessed a nose long enough to know what a normal nose felt like.

Besides, Rachel didn’t care about any damage the organ received.

When there wasn’t anything to smell, the nose was useless. And except for the food in the cafeteria, Stuck Station didn’t have any odor.

Actually, Rachel thought after wiping the blood from her face, this nose is worse than useless.

It forces me to endure that teleporter stench.

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