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9.14 - Helpful

Apr 09 2012 Published by under Chapter Nine

“Crew Storage is the one of the largest sections of Containment Facility One,” the Tour Guide said. “It has to be. Safety regulations require that the number of stasis chambers in Crew Storage always match the maximum possible population of the facility.

"In the event of an emergency, every crew member and every visitor will have a stasis chamber of their own. Of course, the maximum possible population of Containment Facility One is a highly variable figure that depends on a number of factors including current architecture layout -- always a variable with cloud shifted architecture -- crew  population vs. visitor population, the mass of the species involved —”

“What is the maximum population of this place?” Daniel said, not expecting the Tour Guide to answer him. “I’m guessing it’s a number that’s also impossibly large."

“As I said, the maximum total population of Containment Facility is a highly variable figure."

Not helpful, Daniel thought. He sat down and dangled his feet off the ledge, hoping to wait out the Tour Guide's words.

"However," the Tour Guide said, "if you can answer a few questions, I will be able to provide you with a population number that will make the most sense.”


"I said --"

"You keep contradicting yourself,” Daniel said, glad that his brain somehow remembered the word "contradicting" without an augmem.

“I’m sorry?” the Tour Guide said.

“You can answer my questions,” Daniel said. “Then you can’t answer my questions. You say things that make some sense. Then you say things that would never make sense. You’re helpful. Then you’re not.”

“I was unaware that I’d been unhelpful."

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