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9.12 - Hollow spheres

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Each row of stasis chambers lay parallel to the ledge Daniel stood on.

The rows extended far to the left and right, and, now that the fog was gone, Daniel could see that they curved up the room's walls, stopping about a third of the distance from the top.

Most of the cylinders were ten-feet tall, but a few, maybe one out of every thousand, were larger than the ones around them.

Some were at least 30 feet tall and just as wide. In the distance, Daniel could even make out a single cryo as long as city block.

Probably to hold large crew members, Daniel thought.

Daniel had only met a few aliens that size in his life.

While the Tour Guide talked, Daniel tried to grasp how much energy this room would need to function.

Cryos aren't cheap, energy-wise, Daniel thought.

“This area – Crew storage, as it is more commonly called – is the single largest section of Containment Facility One,” the Tour Guide said. "Below this floor there are 72,999 more levels, and each level is larger than the one before it.”

72,999? Daniel thought and started to feel a little nervous.

“The word ‘level’ is a bit of misnomer because the floors are not flat,” the Tour Guide said. “It is more accurate to say that beneath this level, there are 72,999 hollow spheres, stacked on top of each other. And the entire inner surface of each sphere is covered with stasis chambers.”

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