9.11 - Fog away | Stuck Station

9.11 - Fog away

Mar 30 2012 Published by under Chapter Nine

But that stupid horror virtual was always in the back of his mind.

That’s why he always asked Trak open the cryo doors.

Trak had a fully functional lifesigns detector. And, Daniel figured, if anything attacked his friend, it would chip its teeth on Trak’s face.

Trak was too well-armored. Daniel had never seen Trak injured and wasn’t even sure Trak could be injured.

Looking out at the Stuck Station stasis chambers, Daniel wished Trak was with him now.

Daniel took another step back from the stair case.

“I don’t understand,” the Tour guide said, sounding honestly hurt. “The chambers are beautiful up close.”

The stairs descended back into the fog, and the railing returned to its former shape.

Daniel said, “I can see them fine from here.”

That was a lie. The fog made it very difficult. Daniel just didn’t want to go any closer.

“If you won’t move closer, let me get some of that fog out of the way,” The Tour Guide said.  “It is for beautification purposes only. We’ve found that the chambers appear more pleasant when shrouded in fog.”

Daniel had to admit it looked cool.

The fog cleared, and Daniel now had a clear view of the entire floor. His guess of 500,000 chambers hadn’t been close.

Daniel let out a low whistle.

If the medical chamber was the size of a hollowed out moon, then the pit below Daniel was as big as a moon's capital city.

Row after row of cylindrical cryos stretched out in front of him, like soldiers standing in formation.

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