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9.05 - Colony ships

Mar 14 2012 Published by under Chapter Nine

After a pause that seemed unnecessarily long, the Tour Guide confirmed Daniel’s suspicions.

“The second floor of the medical facility, located beneath you, is where we keep our stasis chambers.”

Daniel nodded.

Leaning on the rail and staring out at the vast pit, Daniel figured he was about sixty feet up.

And, at his best guess, he’d say there were 500,000 cryos resting in the fog — a stunning figure given that, in his entire life, he doubted he’d seen half that number combined.

At his father’s cloud yard, he’d encountered his share of stasis chambers on abandoned colony ships – vessels built to carry colonists to distant worlds.

Much of the space on board those colony ships had been used for cryo storage.

The stasis chambers took up little room, but the engines that powered them, especially ones that relied on manufacturing time dilation fields, were monsters – big, bulky, and power-hungry.

As such, the colony ships he’d seen could only hold between 10,000 and 20,000 stasis chambers, a moderate amount for the time.

He’d heard of bigger ships that could carry hundreds of thousands, but he’d never seen one. They were rare, too rare to end up in a junkyard.

Daniel decided that, whatever they did on Containment Facility One, they needed a lot of crew.

Which is odd because I’ve only seen three other creatures since I got here, and two of them were Rachel and Jeska. And Jeska left.

He wondered where she was going, and quickly squelched that depressing thought.

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