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9.02 - Manual 64

Mar 06 2012 Published by under Chapter Nine

Stuck On: Stasis Chambers

What follows, after some brief background information, is an excerpt from an instruction virtual — an interactive simulated manual — that came included with the 2706 line of Berton Freeze-It-All Stasis Chambers.

No one knows who wrote Manual 64, and the Berton Company, desperate to forget the embarrassing virtual, tried to erase every copy it could find.

Created by someone that obviously wanted to be fired, Manual 64 somehow made it passed the company’s edit-o-trons unedited.

Despite its insulting tone, the virtual did not cause a drop in sales of Berton stasis chambers — most customers thought it was a joke.

In fact, the virtual, which runs about three hours, became a rare cult classic. Many beings bought the stasis chamber model just to acquire Manual 64.

Daniel Wei was one of those beings.

And he was sure he knew who wrote it.

The words, though read by someone else, perfectly fit Rachel-7's style of speaking.  He figured she must have written it few years before he hired her.

Rachel-7 vehemently denied the accusation and said that writing instructional virtuals was beneath her.

But Daniel didn’t believe her.

He didn’t know the names of the hundreds of employers she’d had before him, but he was sure the Berton Company was one of them.

Rachel-7 continued to argue that Daniel was wrong, and also an idiot.

However, she did add that whoever wrote the virtual was obviously intelligent, talented, and under-appreciated.

Instruction Virtual for Berton Freeze-It-All Stasis Chambers.

Look here for three seconds to activate.


(Jaunty music plays.)

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