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9.01 - Cryos

Feb 24 2012 Published by under Chapter Nine

Chapter Nine

Daniel wasn’t sure why Prnei had said the tour would be “terrible.”

The cafeteria was amazing, if only because of its sheer size. And the visitors’ bay was interesting, if only for its odd cargo of t-shirts and coasters.

And even if the rest of the tour was a waste, the rarity of seeing a cloud nest made the whole thing worthwhile.

He quickly decided that Prnei had been exaggerating. Given what happened with Jeska – which Daniel was still trying to not think about – Daniel decided Prnei wasn't trustworthy.

And, of course, Daniel hadn’t gotten over Prnei’s whole “trying to eat him” thing -- regardless of if it was an act.

Leaning against the railing in the med bay, Daniel stared at the cylinders of metal and glass below him.

They look like stasis chambers, Daniel thought. If I’m right, and those things are cryos, that’d be the most I’ve ever seen in one place. 

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  • CalLadyQED says:

    Stasis? LOL Once again, John, something in your story reminds me of something in Beast Wars.

    Cheetor went into stasis lock! We have to get him back to Maximal base!

    And then there are those stasis pods orbiting the earth...

    Sure does bring back memories.

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