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8.28 - Weeping

Feb 10 2012 Published by under Chapter Eight

The fact that Riox might have made Trak unique in the history of the universe – the first and only Saris Brigade Death Mek to have its commands overridden – brought him Trak little comfort.

Because, in only five minutes, he’d seen centuries of death and pain.

As a Mek, Trak’s memory worked differently than organic lifeforms. He had much greater control over his recollections and could go for months without thinking about the past.

But sometimes a memory would rise to the surface, and then Trak would take it and force himself to feel the crushing guilt.

He never erased his own memories. If he couldn’t remember, he couldn’t feel guilt, and if he couldn’t feel guilt, he wouldn’t be suffering for his sins.

And Trak wanted to suffer. He felt he deserved it.

But what Riox made him do was different; Trak had never had so many horrifying memories forced upon him so quickly.

He could see the bodies of everyone he’d …

The sorrow became too great, and he beat against his chest in a rare display of emotion.

He couldn’t even bring himself to silence the cackling laughter of his creator, the gleeful sound of a maniac echoing inside his mind.

After an interminable moment, however, Trak knew he had to move on. His friends might need him.

Though Tour Guide's had shown Trak that his friends remained healthy, Trak predicted they would need him soon.

Daniel and Rachel-7 never seemed to stay out of trouble long.

So, still feeling melancholy, Trak decided to continue the tour and meet up with his friends.

But not before setting off a small thermonuclear device in the hallway.

It was a desperate attempt to cheer himself up, to forget his crimes.

It didn’t work.

Standing unharmed at the center of a radioactive inferno, Trak wished he had the ability to weep.

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