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8.25 - Speech

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Stuck On: First Contact (cont.)

2. 1 Billion B.C. — After accidentally crashing his shuttle on the Plataaa's planet, Atea’wa’eh the Story Teller, is shot by a local Plataaan hunter, who has never met a member of the Noble Horde species, let alone one of the specie's emperors.

Emporer Atea'wa'eh, who had been en route to a First Contact Dinner at the planet’s capital, is then stuffed and placed on display in a local zoo, where he is billed as the Plataaan version of the bogeyman.

When the Noble Horde locate their leader, the mortified Plataaa civilian authority offers a discount on all future leader taxidermy projects.

Hoping for peaceful relations, the Nobel Horde accepts the offer. Reluctantly.

1. 1734 A.D. — The Sugsa meet the Prnei species on the Prnei homeworld.

This unfortunate incident will be discussed in detail later, as the facts of that deadly First Contact will have dire consequences for the future of the Stuck Station crew.

Suffice to say the first Prnei-Sugsa summit was tragic, and in no way funny, unless you’re one of those beings who laugh at stuff like that.


Riox stared at Trak. Trak stared at Riox.

Trak hoped Riox would say something to break the awkward silence.

He didn’t. So Trak did it himself.

“May I ask questions now? You said I should wait for you to finish your speech?”

“I hate that speech.”

“It was very informative,” Trak said. “But I have some questions. What is this place exactly?”

“Stuck Station,” Riox said, sounding weary. “I think I already said that."

Riox belched, and continued.

"You said I finished my speech? I don’t remember that, but I’ll assume you’re correct. Soooo, I’m off. See you after orientation.”

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