8.24 - Oddness | Stuck Station

8.24 - Oddness

Feb 06 2012 Published by under Chapter Eight

“Thank you for that information,” Trak said. “Where is Jeska?

“She just left,” Riox said sadly. Trak noted a touch of envy in Riox's voice.

“Left this facility?”

“Yes. First one ever.”

“Is Stuck Station some sort of prison?”

“Originally?” Riox asked. “No. Well, yes and no. By the way, you are one scaaaaaaary Mek.”

Trak had no idea what to say.

Definitely one of the oddest first contact situations on record, he thought.

Stuck On: First Contact

The situation may have been odd for Trak, but it wouldn’t even make it into the top five oddest First Contact Situations.

The Five Most Awkward First Contact Situations in Universe 7C (your universe)

5.  37,071 B.C. — The Kaf greet the Argoqians by burning down the capital on Argoq 5.  Though the act is an important tradition on the Kaf's world, the Argoqians don't appreciate the gesture.

4.  24 A.D. — Assuming that the incoming dignitaries from Siru 4 breathe methane like themselves, the Cratians set up a lovely guest home for the new visitors.

Methane, one of the dying dignitaries later explained, actually makes Siruian's catch fire.

3.  2107 A.D. — A spilled appetizer at a diplomatic summit between humanity and the Ka’che begins humanity's first interstellar war, the Xerxes Conflict.

Final death toll: two-thirds of the human population, 99 percent of the Ka’che population, and, of course, Alan Smeldenheimer, the human waiter who dropped the curly fries on the Ka’che Potentate’s two laps. 

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  • CalLadyQED says:

    News flash! Renowned journalist predicts war between humans and space aliens in less than 100 years. Amateur ettiquette expert suggests that education might be the answer. "He drops fries on both laps? This shows a serious gap in the waitstaff's training." Prominent actuary has a different solution: "I have just invented curly fry insurance."

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