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8.23 - Really?

Jan 31 2012 Published by under Chapter Eight

“Why didn’t you attempt to warn me the moment I arrived?” Trak asked.

He wasn’t angry. The vacuum of space wouldn’t hurt -- Trak actually found it restful.

Though it would make it inconvenient to reunite with my friends, Trak thought.

“You tardiness would have allowed me to be jettisoned ...”

After the word "jettisoned," Trak forced himself to stop talking.  He had wanted to add “because you were wasted beyond all recognition,” but he knew that wouldn’t have been beneficial for future diplomatic relations.

Back at Humbolt Hospital, he’d seen Rachel-7 accuse visiting dignitaries of the same thing. She was only sometimes right.

“I chose 'tardiness,'” Riox said, mimicking Trak’s deep voice, “because you and your friends were special cases. Each of you received the full 240 minutes to join the tour. Figured I’d take my time. I always take my time.”

“Why did my friends and I get the whole 240 minutes?”

“Jeska hacked the system and —”

Trak interrupted. “Jeska? Jeska-Bel DotCom?”

Like a tiny repellorcraft, Riox spun slowly on miniature organic jets.

“I don’t know any other Jeska’s besides her,” Riox said.  He looked befuddled for moment, as if trying to remember if he did know any other Jeska’s.

“Wait … she’s here?" Trak said. "Really?"

“You have to let me finish my little 'warning' speech,” Riox said amiably.

“Again, I apologize. Please go ahead.”

Riox looked around for a second.

“Oh … uh … The End,” Riox said.

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