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8.22 - Riox is interesting

Jan 30 2012 Published by under Chapter Eight

In his eloquent-yet-erratic speech pattern, Riox continued.

“I met with you,” he said, “because my friends and I always try to warn newbies to take the tour before they run out of time.”

“I have already opted to take the tour,” Trak said.

“Oh, well in that case, I’m done,” Riox said. “See you afterward.”

Riox floated there motionless.

Trak waited for the creature to vanish.

After 30 seconds, Riox still floated there.

“Is something supposed to happen?” Trak asked.

“Like what?”  said Riox.

He must have forgotten he was planning to teleport away, Trak thought.

“Never mind,” Trak said.

“Did I already tell you need to take the tour or Tour Guide will jettison you?” Riox said brightly.

“Yes. Why is the Tour Guide so fanatical about visitors taking the tour?” Trak asked, more as a comment then a question. "Is obsession part of its programming?"

"It’s the stupid thing’s only job.  Doesn’t do much else,” Riox said, pointing his fingers downward. Trak's translator said the gesture was version of a shrug on Riox's world. "And he's mostly right. After the final orientation, Liar’s in charge.”


“What did you call me?” Riox said, looking confused and a little offended.

“Never mind,” Trak said.

A thought that had been in line to express itself inside Trak's head finally made it to the front of his mental queue.

Five minutes on the tour, 47 minutes of firing weapons, and five minutes forty-nine seconds of speaking with Riox, the thought said quickly.

“Wait a moment,” Trak said. “I’ve been onboard for 57 minutes and 49 seconds. You said visitors receive a time allotment between 20 and 240 minutes."

"I did. ... I think," Riox said.

"What if I had been one of the beings who only had 20 minutes?"

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