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8.14 - Questions

Jan 13 2012 Published by under Chapter Eight

“I imagine many species find you irritating,” Trak said.

Trak, however, did not find the Tour Guide irritating.

Ten thousand years of seeing and doing terrible things had given him a near-infinite reservoir of patience — except where Rachel-7’s boring stories were concerned.

“I’m helpful,” Tour Guide said emphatically.

“That is not an accurate statement.”

“I answer questions that have to do with the tour. And that’s helpful.”

“Then where am I?”

“That question is not related to the tour. You already know where you are. If you didn’t, you would not have been selected to be part of the crew. Please hold all –”

“You are not helpful,” Trak said brusquely.

“Maybe you just ask the wrong questions.”

Trak couldn’t tell if the Aye was taunting him or being serious. So Trak went ahead and asked what he should have asked before turning the corridor into a firing range.

Even now, the scorcher fire on the ceiling was still burning.

“Is this facility considered sacred by any species?”

“I am unaware of any religious significance attached to this place,” the Tour Guide said. “Containment Facility One is simply a gift to all sentient lifeforms throughout the multiverse.”

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  • CalLadyQED says:

    It's religious significant is that it's hell on earth. Well, not on earth, but in the physical realm anyway. I think.

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