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8.10 - Death Mek

Jan 09 2012 Published by under Chapter Eight

"The Saris Brigade Death Mek

… and those nearby should evacuate the solar system at all costs.

In terms of physical strength, the average Saris Brigade Death Mek can exert a maximum force of 29,007.55 tons per square inch -- the pressure inside the core of a medium-sized planet.

Sadly, these numbers are estimates as Death Meks do not allow organic lifeforms within 300 yards, even well-meaning research assistants trying to get accurate measurements for notable comprehensive manuals. (Quaraock, my loyal aide, you will be missed.)

Only a few organic lifeforms are able to produce the same level of pressure, most notably the rock-skinned Grebyans, whose flesh has been used as battleship hulls.

In terms of defensive capability, a Death Mek with a functional Acrid Energy Shield is almost indestructible.

A Death Mek whose shield is not functional is still formidable, but can be destroyed by certain types of high-end weaponry, including a Class Three Military Cloud, an Antimatter Delivery System, or an L-42 Missile.

Here’s a simple way to determine if a Death Mek’s energy shield is functional — if everything within a 300 yards of the Death Mek is melting, the shield is functional.

Once again, please remember; if you see a Death Mek with a functioning shield, under no circumstances should you approach.

If a Death Mek with a functioning shield approaches you, you have two options.

  1. Activate your FTL engine.
  2. If you do not have an FTL engine, pray to whatever deity that you believe will save you.

Please note: No deity will save you.

An alphabetical list of the Saris Brigade Death Mek weaponry follows:

            Atrocitizer – A device which breaks up the chemical bonds in living cells. The pain associated with the Atrocitizer’s blast is … "

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