8.09 - Broken chairs | Stuck Station

8.09 - Broken chairs

Jan 06 2012 Published by under Chapter Eight

Trak had a memory file listing the shattered benches, deflated hover beanbags, and flattened recliners he’d accidentally created over the years.

It was a big file.

Coming in at five tons, Trak had learned to test his chairs.

But, when Trak checked the compressive strength of one of the chairs in this odd cafeteria, he found something curious.

The chair didn’t have any give.

Most pieces of furniture, even those made of stone, steel, or diamondglass, would compress a little, even just a few microns.

Not this chair.

That’s interesting, Trak noted.

He put his full weight on it, and the chair stood firm.

Curious, he closed a fist around one of the chair’s armrests and slowly increased the pressure.

When his fist was producing a mere 25 tons per square inch, he asked the Tour Guide what the chair was made of.

The Tour Guide happily told Trak that the chair was made of what the facility creators called "Omnium," the same material that made up most of Stuck Station.

And that’s when Trak, ignoring the protests of the Tour Guide, rushed out into a nearby hallway to test his theory ... by firing missiles.  

Stuck On: Saris Brigade Death Mek

To better understand Trak’s capabilities, (when it comes to chair squeezing) the following excerpt on his Mek classification may be helpful.

Please note the word “excerpt.”

The full passage is 4,007 pages in 20th-Century English.

From Artoc’s Comprehensive Military Manual on Everything that Can Kill You in the Universe (used without permission):

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  • Kree says:

    Either I can't see an excerpt, or it's an excerpt with a length of 0 bytes?

    I get the distinct impression that Trak could crack someone's skull into a handful of pieces without so much as nudging the brain inside.

    On a less macabre note, I bet he'd be great in the kitchen! I wonder if one of his deadly deadly weapons has a "lightly toasted" setting?

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