8.7 - Trak's welcome | Stuck Station

8.07 - Trak's welcome

Jan 04 2012 Published by under Chapter Eight

Before Trak's decision to turn the hallway into a firing range, his first moments aboard Stuck Station were very similar to Daniel’s.

Like Daniel, Trak awoke in darkness, heard a rumbling incomprehensible voice, viewed the beautiful, ominous mural with the words "Stuck Station" on it, and encountered the likeable – to Trak – but clueless Tour Guide.

Unlike Daniel, Trak didn’t receive a message from Jeska instructing him to come to a Visitor's Bay.

So, while Daniel was running for his life from Prnei, Trak was trying to convince the Tour Guide to tell him the location of his friends.

The Tour Guide inelegantly sidestepped Trak’s questions and then asked Trak to take a tour.

Trak then ordered it to tell him his friends’ location.

The Tour Guide declined.

Unlike Rachel-7, Trak wasn't able to develop a means of fooling the Tour Guide into contacting his former shipmates.

So, though he felt awful about it, Trak threatened the Tour Guide, hoping the Aye wouldn’t know he was bluffing.

In response, the frightened Tour Guide told Trak that Facility policy would not allow the Tour Guide to patch Trak through to his friends.

But, the Tour Guide said, it would be happy to transmit Daniel and Rachel-7’s current biosigs to Trak.

After examining the vitals of his two best friends, Trak determined there was only a .0001 percent chance the biosigs were fake.

He trusted his biolock; it was a genuine Corp Biosig Authenticator, Version 7.

Once he was reasonably sure his friends were fine, Trak opted to take the tour.

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