8.2 - Walls | Stuck Station

8.02 - Walls

Dec 20 2011 Published by under Chapter Eight

The wall was unharmed. His missile barrage hadn’t even left scorch marks.

It appeared his hypothesis was correct: the hallway was indestructible.

His preliminary scans — a bit rushed, he had to admit –  indicated every wall, floor, and ceiling within 100 miles was made of the same material that had easily withstood his missiles.

It had taken some slick thinking on Trak's part to get a better view of his surroundings.

Normally he'd just reach out as far as he could with his sensors-- about 500 miles -- and get a live image of everything. (He had some reconnaissance tech even Alitma didn't know about.)

But here on Stuck Station he'd found his sensors could examine – but not pierce –any of the surfaces. He couldn't scan the normal way.

Then he had an idea: he'd use an old-fashioned technique Daniel had mentioned once.

To get his bearings, he emitted lasers and radio waves in all directions and created a crude map of the surrounding area by calculating how long it took the beams and waves to return.

He found he was standing in a network of manufactured corridors. The hallway, which stretched out 11 miles,  broke off at regular intervals into other hallways, two at a time,  and those hallways broke off at regular intervals two at a time, so on and so on, up to about 100 miles away.

That's as far out as his makeshift radar and lidar could reach.

He didn’t know how big Stuck Station was, but he knew it was big.

And, at least as far as this section went, it was impossibly strong.

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