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7.31 - Obviously

Dec 06 2011 Published by under Chapter Seven

“Ignore her,” Daniel said. “Just tell me what happened.”

“There’s a simple reason for your loaner body, Visitor Rachel-7.” the soft voice said.

Rachel-7 jumped in. “The reason is that you are a terrible Aye who is terrible at everything you do?”

“No,” the Tour Guide said. “For security reasons, all Containment Facility One visitors must have corporeal forms. Normally, we would have given you a choice between an organic lifeform and a Mek—“

“Mek,” Rachel-7 said without hesitation.

“But, unfortunately we are still awaiting the arrival of a shipment of supplies for Mek production.”

“And” Rachel-7 asked, “the reason you’re too stupid to order your clouds to build new supplies is …?”

“Without a mechanical proxy to transfer you to,” the Tour Guide said, not answering her question, “we gave you a body-type based on the last species to board the facility.”

Daniel figured it out a split-second before Rachel-7, and closed his eyes in anticipation of her reaction.

“I’M BASED ON JESKA?!!” she screamed.

“Only in so far as you are female and human,” the Tour Guide said, meekly.

“Plus you have different eyes, mouth, hair, skin, ” Daniel offered.

“And hopefully a different brain?” Rachel-7 said morosely.

“Can you give us some more information?” Daniel said, as politely as he could.

The Tour Guide went silent.

“I don’t think this place works like it’s supposed to,” he said.

“Obviously,” she said.

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