7.18 - Blood | Stuck Station

7.18 - Blood

Nov 17 2011 Published by under Chapter Seven

Daniel felt relieved.

If the Tour Guide was right, he wasn’t surrounded by the silent, slightly creepy, makers of Stuck Station.

These things are just medstations. Not alive.  

That thought made him feel better. He trusted hospital tech, even if he couldn’t understand it.

And if this place was like most 28th-century hospitals, these machines made  mediclouds look as useful as a cloth bandage.

Anything these machines can’t handle, I don’t want to see, Daniel thought.

He headed toward the spot the Tour Guide had mentioned.

“Gotta get that exercise,” he said.

“Exercise is good for you,” the Tour Guide said again, oblivious to Daniel’s sarcasm.

He passed a piece of equipment that looked like a three-foot-tall rectangular blob of clear gel, hovering three feet off the ground. Curled tubes of yellow metal dangled from the blob’s edges and connected with the floor.

Near the shadow of one of the machine's corners, Daniel saw something marring the perfect whiteness of the glossy ground.

Clouds must have been so busying doodling they didn't clean up after their last procedure, he thought.

Immune to 99.99 percent of known diseases, clouds weren't bothered by dirty workplaces, even ones that were supposed to be sterile.

While the room looked mostly spotless, they had missed a few red splotches of blood, mostly likely human, recently dried.

Stuck On: Medstation

Medstation is the generic word for any piece of medical equipment that does the work of mediclouds, but is not a medicloud itself.

Medstations can range from the simple (antiviral dispenser) to the complex (organ duplicator) to the absurd (forehead lengthener).

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