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7.11 - Familiar

Nov 08 2011 Published by under Chapter Seven

Daniel stood in a dark chamber, and, except for a series of glowing shapes that danced in the distance, there was no light.

“...To the Main Medical Center,” the Tour Guide said, finishing its sentence.

Daniel waved his hands in front of his face in an attempt to shoo away the lingering smell.

It was a different odor this time: a disturbing bouquet of out-of-control forest fire with hints of alien desserts that had passed their sell-by dates.

His medicloud was letting him breathe it, so it must be safe. But Daniel couldn't imagine how.

When it finally dissipated, Daniel thanked the gods.

The moving shapes in the distance drew his eye. All were uniformly white and could have been five feet away or five miles away.

“Like all amenities aboard Containment Facility One, our medical center is second to none,” the Tour Guide said. “Normally, mediclouds will help injured crewmates wherever the injury happens.”

Ignoring Tour Guide, Daniel focused on the glowing shapes. They looked … familiar.

“However,” it said, “should a crew member require special care --  if they catch a particularly nasty virus that a medicloud can't deal with, for example --  the patient will be flitted to this center, where our cloud specialists will use the most advanced techniques and equipment available.  A speedy recovery is 99.99 percent guaranteed.”

Have I seen those shapes before? Daniel thought, as one of them winked out and another appeared.

“In fact,” Tour Guide added, obviously quite proud, “since the creation of this facility there has not been a single crew fatality.”

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