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7.06 - Resignedly

Oct 25 2011 Published by under Chapter Seven

Then, thinking about all the garbage he put up with recently, Daniel found his voice.

"Prnei …" Daniel said very softly.

“Yes, Daniel?” Prnei answered even more softly

“WHAT IS GOING ON?!” he screamed.

Prnei shrunk back, shame flashing in his eyes.

Daniel was astonished. This creature had just tried to kill him ... right?

“I am deeply sorry if I have upset you,” Prnei said. Its skin turned a faint yellow.

Then Prnei whispered, almost too quiet for Daniel too hear, “Keep it together, Prnei." As he said this, Prnei's shiny skin quickly turned back to black and white.

“Maybe he'd like to take the tour?” Tour Guide said, out of the blue.

“That's probably a better idea,” Prnei said, sounding relieved.

“No tour until you answer me!” Daniel snapped. “Tell me everything. Why did she leave? Where is my ship? What is this place?”

"I do not know where Jeska intends to go,” Prnei said. “And your ship is with her. I am sure you will see it again. Jeska said she would be back someday.”

“And this is Containment Facility One,” Tour Guide said, happily but unhelpfully.

“Please … I just want some answers,” Daniel said. His rage vanished as quickly as it had appeared; he was too emotionally drained to keep it up.

“Daniel,” Prnei said, “I understand your curiosity. But there is only a short amount of time before you must take the tour. A few days at most.”

“Who cares about the tour?" Daniel said, resignedly. "Tour Guide, take me to my friends.”

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