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7.05 - Suckers

Oct 25 2011 Published by under Chapter Seven

After a little more stretching and shaking, the creature that called itself Prnei put the finishing touches on its transformation.

With a soft slurping sound, it pulled in the suckers on its arms, making the little O's look less protruding and less threatening, more like tattoos than tools for keeping prey in place.

The creature's legs swelled becoming almost cartoonishly thick and plump.

Its eye changed to pinkish-red, a sharp contrast to the chilling blood-red that had glared at Daniel earlier.

And finally, the creature opened the scar on the opposite side of its body … or rather, Daniel realized, the creature opened its other eye. The creature had been keeping one eye closed the whole time.

“Ahhhh,” the creature said, in its soft but vaguely masculine voice.

It didn't look like an abomination anymore. It looked harmless. More than harmless.

It was adorable, even comical, and somehow its lack of a visible mouth made it all the more innocuous.

It reminded him of one of those little bad-guys in that game Jeska had been addicted to … Prac-man? Krak man?

However, despite its metamorphosis, the creature's new form didn't make Daniel feel at ease.

Because, even though Daniel's internal translator changed the sounds the creature produced into words, Daniel could still hear the clicking from the creature's hideous maw, the jaws hidden away beneath its ten tentacles.

And the sound of the clicking mandibles made Daniel replay the last hour in his head, especially the creature's effort to stab, strangle and eat him.

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