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7.03 - Ink outline

Oct 22 2011 Published by under Chapter Seven

“Took forever to get these spoons into the right shape,” the creature said, picking up one of its former 'talons' and examining it in the light.

Daniel's head swam with questions.

Where is Jeska? What is this place? Jeska's gone? Why did it shape spoons? Jeska's gone. JESKA'S GONE. JESKA'S GONE. No, don't think about that. Deal with it later. Where am I, really? More importantly, why isn't this thing trying kill me?

The creature dropped the weapon, and then, with the same tentacle, took Daniel's hand in its grip, shook it up and down, and then released it.

When Daniel didn't say anything, the creature continued speaking.

“It is a pleasure to meet you,” the creature said. “Jeska told me that your name is Daniel. You may call me Prnei or any variation thereof. Whatever is easiest for you. Excuse me a moment."

And then the creature that called itself “Prnei” began to change shape.

With its snail-like foot gripping the ceiling tightly, the creature slumped and relaxed.

It no longer looked like a smooth-tipped bullet with vertical lines down its lower half. It still had two tentacles, but its body had taken the shape of a swollen blood-red raindrop hanging above Daniel's head.

As it transformed, it changed color again, losing its yellow tint and becoming an odd mix of white and black. Its red eye was the only color in its body.

If an art student drew an ink outline of a two-armed octopus, painted its one eye, got bored, went to lunch, came back, realized the two-armed octopus project was due in ten minutes, cursed himself, and turned the work in without coloring anything else, Daniel thought the project would look a lot like the creature he was staring at.

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