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7.02 - Octopus?

Oct 22 2011 Published by under Chapter Seven

“My name is Prnei Star Nebula Galaxy,” the creature said. “It doesn't translate well in most languages.”

The creature extended a talon-tipped tentacle toward Daniel, who flinched.

When Daniel opened his eyes, he saw that the talon had stopped a foot from his chest. The claw, Daniel noted, was still speckled with Jeska's blood.

“In some human cultures, it is still appropriate to grasp another's manipulators in greeting, correct?” the creature said.

Daniel couldn't move; the creature was a terrifying, cylindrical mass of alien horror.

The creature's eye widened in embarrassment.

“I am so sorry!” it said.

The tips of the creature's two tentacles expanded, and the talons fell from its arms, hitting the ground with a metal clang.

Looking closer, Daniel saw tw0 curved pieces of silver alloy resting on the bay floor. The creature didn't have claws; it had been holding knives.

When Daniel looked back at the creature, he saw that its entire skin tone had turned bright yellow. Even its red eye changed color to match.

“Again, I apologize,” it said, deeply ashamed. “Once I finished my performance, it was rude of me to point a weapon at you. Even if the blades are dull.”

The creature was right: the “talons” were curved and wicked-looking, but their tips were blunt, too blunt to do any damage.

If it's that dull, then how did it get Jeska's blood on it? Daniel wondered. And did it say “ended my performance?” Wait … was it all an act? ... It  tried to kill me!  And why did it turn yellow?

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