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Thank you for Calling (Part 7)

Sep 27 2011 Published by under Thank You for Calling

9:03 p.m., March 19, 2015

[Auto-generated technical note for current reviewer Phillip Khalid:]

Servaline 2.0 voice analysis indicates that the following caller was not customer Jeremy G*****

However, the caller was using Jeremy G*****'s mobile device. 

To help Servaline Inc. better understand our customers, please note each time a new caller uses the customer's phone to access our services.

"Thank you for calling Servaline 1.9, your automated directory assistant.  How are you today?"

"Looking up:  'You're on speaker.  It's Frank.  Talk.'"

"First listing:  Frank Talk Pictures, 901 Crescent Street. The number is (***) **--"

"Looking up:  'Jeremy, you buy me a couple rounds and ask me to cut you some slack on your debt? That’s fine.”

"First listing:  Couple Round's Pub.  The number is--"

"Looking up: 'But no matter how much you buy, I'm not going to believe this answering machine got you a job.'"

"First listing:  Get the Job Employment Service. The number is --"

"Your response, '“It's just a computer, Jeremy. It's not alive.  I can say whatever I want.  Watch: Bla bla bla bla bla bla.  I'm drunk, and Servaline still suuuuuucks.  No, no, wait, I got a better one. Watch this,' is too long.  Please rephrase your response."

"Looking up:  'I'm so lonely I think the phone is talking to me.  I'm Jeremy, boohoo.'"

"First listing:  Jeremy B******, Apartment 713 on Town Lane Drive.  The number is (***) ***--"

"Looking up:  'I'm such a failure, I couldn't even keep Sarah around, even though she was a complete sk--'"

"It sounds like you said, 'Ow! OW! My arm!!'  Is this correct?  Do you need medical attention?"

"Your response, 'That's it, G*****!  You're done.  I was going to give you more time, but now I want that money by Sunday.  Don't pay? I send my guys to your apartment,' is too long.   Please--"

"Looking up:  'Three days, G*****.  Oh, and answering machine?  Jeremy says, "Goodbye." Ha.'"

(User disconnected.)

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