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6.19 - Attack

Jul 29 2011 Published by under Chapter Six

The moment the coaster slipped into Daniel's pocket, the Tour Guide spoke up.

"Thank you for taking one of our complimentary coasters," said the voice. “Everyone who volunteers at Containment Facility One gets a free t-shirt and a free coaster. Special-Edition Commemorative T-shirts will be awarded out at the end of your term of service."

Daniel paused, confused.

Then he resumed chucking the coasters at the creature, which was frantically trying to scrape the papery barnacles from one clawed tentacle with its other clawed tentacle.

It seemed outraged that Daniel’s coaster assault was working, but, in its anger, it had to be careful not to cut its own tentacles.

Daniel reached for another shovel full of coasters and showered them down on the creature. As he did, another disc fell into his pocket.

The Tour Guides cheerful voice spoke up again.

"You have taken more than one coaster. Your species must drink a lot of liquid! Enjoy your complimentary coasters."

Daniel ignored the voice this time and kept up the attack.

Some of the coasters missed. A few hit the creature’s skin at odd angles, bounced off and skidded to a stop on the ground.

Most, however, stuck.

And with every hit, the creature grew more perplexed and angry.

After a minute, Daniel didn’t even have to hurry to avoid the creature’s attacks. He could just casually lean to the side.

After two minutes, Daniel’s coaster ammunition ran out, but by then, the creature was so entangled, it had stopped attacking him altogether.

It looked like a bullet-shaped mound of coasters.

And now Daniel was free to casually walk up to the creature, look at it thoughtfully, and poke it in the eye.

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