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6.12 - Biolock (Part 1)

Jul 14 2011 Published by under Chapter Six

Stuck On: Biolock

If you have some time, go to any corner store in the year 2713.

It doesn’t have to be a traditional “corner store.”

It could be a corner virtual marketplace, a corner sales planetoid, or a corner nomadic crystalline sentient fog-growth enclave.

Whatever venue you choose, walk through the virtual/airless/throbbing entrance, past the row of personalized clouds, past the wall of well-guarded nome products, past the cages and jars of live pets from stars you’ve never heard of.

And in the back, you will find a very large, well-hidden section.

It’s always well-hidden because many species still frown upon the idea (even though most of them allow it).

The sign above the section may say “replication Technology Services”, but most likely it will simply read “Copy.”

This is where you go if you want duplicate yourself, and it’s as easy as cloned pie.

There are many different devices for the job, but they all do the same thing: they make another you.

Add in a little mind replication (a technology available three aisles over), and your cloned body will have your thoughts as well as your body.

It will be you in every way, except it will be about three minutes old.

A clone can be a valuable labor saving device, and a good friend if you're a nice person.

But there's a problem: the clone will think it created you.

So the question is ... when you get to checkout, how will you prove that you are the original?

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  • Kree says:

    (Apologies on the delayed comment, I was stockpiling updates)

    Well I would (unintentionally) avoid that problem altogether by putting a clone of my mind into a much more interesting body. Something alien, or modded genetics. Give the guy something fun to offset the whole bummer of the "not the original" thing :P

    I'm not sure my OCD would even allow myself to get confused over who was who, even with an identical body. Both the original and the clone would be quite insistent about keeping track of who was who, just out of the principal of keeping labels accurate.

    My real problem is that I would probably go a bit overboard on the number of clones. And then the clones would want to make more clones, ad nauseam...

    Other species, other genders, extra limbs, a tail, feet-hands... I'd need a consortium of clones just to plan out all the possible choices :P

  • Kree says:

    It's a robot from an icon set drawn by David Lanham: http://dlanham.com/ui/RBO/
    He's a talented guy, I envy his drawing skills.

    In a post-cloud world, your bank account is your wish limit :P

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