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6.06 - Conflict

Jul 06 2011 Published by under Chapter Six

It was dead. That didn't stop Daniel from kicking it.

During the fight, Daniel must have damaged something vital.

The creature's two tentacles had coiled over themselves as they fell. Green ooze continued to leak from somewhere beneath it. Its blood-red color had dulled to a pale pink.

Daniel felt no pity; instead he kicked it harder.

But it didn’t help: anger consumed him.

With no weapons to speak of, he looked at the slimy mass at his feet.

He saw the claw at the end of the one creature’s lifeless tentacles and decided something.

Wrapping his fingers around it, he pulled hard, trying to rip the claw from the arm.

The claw looked ... familiar. He couldn't place where he had seen it before.

He thought of Jeska, her body cold nearby. That made him pull harder.

He would use the claw to cut this, this abomination apart until –

“You killed it!” said a happy, stunned voice behind him. “It’s dead, it’s dead!”

Daniel started and saw Jeska limping in his direction.

He stood up quickly, body covered in the creature’s green ooze, and rushed to take her in his arms.

He felt her complete the embrace. He also felt her wince when he held her, and he tried to be as gentle as possible.

“You’re alive!” he said. “You’re alive, you’re alive!”

“Yes,” she said and laughed softly. “Legs a little sore. How did people deal with pain without clouds? ”

“How …?” as he said that he watched the gash on her leg slowly begin to heal itself, the telltale sign of a medicloud at work.

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  • Rebecca says:

    That one was close!
    But I suppose you can't kill off your heroine, at least not in the 6th captor!

    • John says:

      ... is she really a heroine? hmmmmm.

      • Rebecca says:

        If she isn't the heroine then the heroine as got to come up soon.
        Oh wait. How long is this story suppose to be? 10 chapters? 20? 30? 40?
        You have to introduce the heroine within the first quarter of the book.
        So if your book is 40 chapters long, I suppose you can wait until chapter 9...
        If Jeska isn't the heroine, then is Daniel the hero?

        • John says:

          Whether she is or she isn't, what I was saying was that Jeska not acting like a heroine ... and Daniel's supposed to be the protagonist.

  • trak42 says:

    in a surprising twist Rachel 7 is the heroine.

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