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6.05 - Death

Jul 05 2011 Published by under Chapter Six

The creature leaped at the same time.

Daniel and the monster collided, the impact knocking both of them to the floor.

“You took her from me!” Daniel screamed at the creature. “You took her from me!”

"You took -" the creature managing to repeat, before Daniel smashed it above it's only eye.

Daniel swung his arms into its rippling flesh with no thought other than to cause pain.

The creature's left tentacle hit him in the chest. Daniel kept pressing forward, beating on it with both hands.

He hunched down, trying to get closer to the creature’s core, when he felt wind whistle over his head. The creature’s other tentacle had nearly sheared off his skull.

Daniel didn’t care. Ravenous with fury, he struck the creature again and again.

The creature reared back, both tentacles raised high in preparation for what had to be a killing strike.

Oblivious, Daniel kept hammering away at the monster.

The creature shrieked … and then Daniel felt his fists hit something solid beneath the creature’s slimy bulk.

There was a loud pop.

In obvious agony, the creature writhed, then slumped to the ground.

A blast of greenish ooze sprayed from the creature's lower half.

Much of the slime splattered Daniel’s robe, and the viscous substance smelled of putrescence and death.

As the creature fell, Daniel caught a glimpse underneath its bullet-shaped body.  He saw the reason for the vertical lines that ran down the creature’s lower half.

Its bottom section– its means of locomotion, which Daniel had assumed was one appendage – was made up of multiple tentacles pressed together.

They looked just like the tentacles that had been jabbing at him, only these seemed to have fused.

Daniel kicked the still form of the creature.

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